The other day I received an email from a guy I know asking me about whether he should use Craigslist Personals for online dating.  My initial response to this was negative,  but then I got to thinking.

A lot of people prefer free online dating sites over paid for ones, yet surely one is going to have a better chance of meeting someone of quality on a paid site.  At least that’s been my experience.  I’ve found that dating sites that charge a fee tend to attract more quality, attractive, single members and the likelihood of being inundated with spam mail is negligible on such sites.   

So why are some people reluctant to pay for online dating sites, only to whine and become disillusioned when they can’t find someone with the qualities they are seeking?  Maybe they don’t think they can afford to join a paid dating site.  They might not have enough confidence in themselves to believe that they will meet someone who will want to date them.  Maybe they even like to be alone but don’t want to admit this, even to themselves.

I could write a whole lot on low self-esteem and commitment issues here, but will save that for another post.  Anyway, my generalizations may be way off the mark, but some people actually fear success as much as they do failure.  If they don’t really try, in their minds they haven’t failed, so they flounder around making half-hearted attempts all the while complaining about never being able to meet any decent, attractive, like-minded singles.

Personally I’d go for a paid site over a free one any day, but knowing many reading this will be interested in trying free online dating I will elaborate on the Craigslist Personals for online dating question.

Craigslist Personals For Online Dating - Is It Worth Trying?

While I would try alternate personals sites such as Yahoo or AOL Personals before Craigslist Personals for online dating Craigslist Personals can be worth a try as long as you are careful and don’t expect too much.

If you haven’t tried the old-style newspaper personals, Craigslist Personals offers an opportunity to do so.  Be honest but also creative in what you say if you want to appeal to and get a response from people who read your ad.  Getting this right may not only improve your success rate online, it could also help you hone your verbal skills and instil in you greater confidence when mixing with new people in bars and clubs.  Another plus is that some of the responses you receive can make for amusing reading.

Craigslist Personals For Online Dating – Dating Scams

Be alert when using Craigslist Personals for online dating.  Due to its anonymous nature, dating and Russian Bride scams are fairly common.

If you do connect with someone on Craigslist, talk to them on the phone before arranging to meet them in person.  Ask questions that will help you to ascertain whether or not they are genuine.  Guys should steer clear of women with really dated looking pictures (that may have been taken twenty years ago) and those who want you to send them money or buy them plane tickets so they can come and see you.  These women are not interested in you.  They are interested in your money.  If you haven’t actually spoken to them on the phone, they may not even exist.  Heck, for all you know they could even be a guy and the photo they uploaded could be of anyone!

If you are living in a western country, be especially careful of women (on these sites) who approach you from Eastern Europe, South East Asia or South America.  That’s not to say there aren’t some genuine women out there (looking for love from those countries), but many are a part of some kind of dating scam.  Tread carefully.  Not everyone you meet online will have your best interests at heart, and some will go to almost any lengths to get their hands on your money.

To summarize, if you really want to try Craigslist Personals for online dating, by all means do so.  Just be sure to take safety measures and use common sense at all times.

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